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Hello, I’m Crypto Casey and this is a library of links to the articles discussed in my weekly video series Last Week Crypto.

Every Sunday, we review the performance of the largest cryptocurrencies, top gainers, as well as the latest global news stories affecting the crypto markets this past week.

Use the chapter links below to navigate to the articles from specific episodes you would like to view.

Episode 1
2020, July 5th - 10th

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happened in the market,
  • An untapped potential ally for the blockchain revolution,
  • The importance of decentralization,
  • The systemic weakening of the global economy,
  • & bitcoin’s slow transition from being a speculative asset to a safe haven.

The Importance of Decentralization -

Systemic Weakness in the Global Economy

Episode 2
2020, July 12th - 17th

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happened in the market,
  • The market cap of decentralized applications on Ethereum,
  • What’s happening in the DeFi asset class,
  • How institutional investors are absolutely flocking to crypto in droves,
  • & what that means for the future value of the cryptocurrency market at large.

Wall Street Flocking to Crypto - 

Episode 3
2020, July 19th - 25th

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happened in the market,
  • Ethereum’s technical limits,
  • The exponential growth of DeFi’s market cap,
  • The failing US dollar,
  • And the biggest news affecting the crypto market this past decade…

Ethereum Reaching its Technical Limits -

DeFi in Exponential Growth Curve -

US Dollar Failing -

Episode 4
2020, July 26th - Aug 1st

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happened in the market,
  • Increasing Network Fees,
  • Ethereum competitors launching their mainnets,
  • The dim outlook on the US economy
  • And what’s going on in China…

Bitcoin and Ethereum Transaction Fees -

Ethereum Competitors' Mainnets Launching -

Dim Outlook on US Economy and Dollar -

Hedging Against the US Economy and Dollar -

Episode 5
2020, Aug 2nd - 8th

In this episode we talk about:

  • What happened in the market,
  • Increasing volume on decentralized exchanges
  • Adoption of blockchain technology by corporations, banks, and governments
  • The US dollars true inflation rate
  • The out-of-control stock market, and
  • The incoming cryptocurrency bull market.

Decentralized Exchanges Outpacing Centralized -

Crypto Adoption by Corporations, Banks, & Governments -

US Dollar Inflation Rate -

Stock Market Out of Control While Consumers Suffer -

Crypto Bull Market Incoming -

Episode 6
2020, Aug 9th - 15th

In this episode we talk about:

  • How bitcoin is absolutely killing it right now,
  • How DeFi is going ballistic driving Ethereum fees to all-time highs,
  • How the global economy is headed straight to Rekt City,
  • And a new segment where I talk about some high-risk, low-cap crypto projects.

Bitcoin is Absolutely Killing It

DeFi is Going Ballistic & Driving Up Ethereum Fees to All-Time Highs

The Global Economy is Headed Straight to Rekt City

High-Risk, Low-Cap Crypto Altcoin Projects I'm Researching

Episode 7
2020, Aug 16th - 22nd

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • Why bitcoin’s price could go parabolic in just a few weeks,
  • Why some people aren’t bullish on gold in the short or long term, and
  • Generally why no one is really bullish on much going on in the world right now, especially the US dollar and economy.

Why Bitcoin Could be Going Parabolic Soon

Gold May Not be a Good Investment Short or Long Term

The World is On Fire, & Not in a Good Way

Episode 8
2020, Aug 23rd -29th

In this episode we talk about:

  • The Fed’s new approach to inflation
  • How the stock market is nearing the edge of a cliff & hanging on by a thread as the US presidential election gets closer
  • All while things in crypto are looking extremely bright and moving insanely fast.

Fed's "New" Approach to Inflation

Stock Market Hanging on by a Thread

Meanwhile, Things in Crypto are Looking Up

Crypto is Moving Insanely Fast

Episode 9
2020, Aug 30th - Sep 5th

In this video, we will look at:

  • The market trends over the past week
  • Then I’m just going to tell you a little bit about the history of the channel
  • Lots of specials and giveaways other people in the industry were willing to share with you guys as a thank you for supporting the channel.

DeFi Food Meme Mania

Episode 10
2020, Sept 6th - 12th

This week we will discuss:

  • The state of bitcoin, its price behavior, its activity compared with Ethereum’s 
  • Ever-increasing mass adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide
  • We will announce the winners of all the giveaways from last week’s 100k subscriber video special.

Volatility in Crypto

Investing in Crypto & Ditching Fiat

Ethereum Activity Higher than Bitcoin due to DeFi

Mass Adoption of Crypto

Episode 11
2020, Sept 13th - 19th

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why bitcoin is looking quite bullish
  • What the Fed’s latest moves means for investors
  • Ethereum’s moon launch outlook
  • How the decentralized exchange Uniswap pretty much back-handed traditional exchanges while also putting US stimulus efforts to complete and utter shame.

Bitcoin as a Lifeboat Amid Financial Turmoil

Fed's Latest Moves & Impending Financial Crisis

Crypto Exchanges Entering Banking

Ethereum Going to the Moon

Uniswap Backhanding Centralized Exchanges & the US Government

Episode 12
2020, Sept 20th - 26th

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Uncertainty in the market
  • The status of US stimulus efforts
  • Corruption in the global banking system and what that means for crypto
  • New government regulations in the crypto space.

Stop Crying About Market Volatility

Corruption in the Global Banking System

Government Regulation & Control

Episode 13
2020, Sept 27th - Oct 3rd

In this episode we discuss:

  • bearish news in the United States
  • bearish news around the world
  • More bearish news in crypto
  • A bit of silver lining-esque hopeium stories

Bearish News Around the Globe

Bearish News in Crypto

Silver Lining Hopeium

Episode 14
2020, Oct 4th - 10th

In this episode we discuss:

  • The exponential growth phase crypto is in
  • Uncertainty in US stimulus efforts
  • The most recent bitcoin price predictions.

Bullish Bitcoin Price Predictions

Crypto in Exponential Growth & NFT’s

Uncertainty in US Stimulus

Hyperinflation Happens Slowly, then Suddenly

Episode 15
2020, Oct 11th - 17th

In this episode we discuss:

  • More government attacks on privacy technology
  • The likelihood of a transformation into a bankless society
  • and our crowd favorite, The turbulent US economy and failing dollar.

Government Attacks Privacy Technology

Bankless Society Inevitable

Big Institutional Investments in Bitcoin & Ethereum

Powers of Centralized Crytpo Exchanges

Failing US Economy & Dollar

China Digital Currency Airdrop

Episode 16
2020, Oct 18th - 24th

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the Fed’s policies cause unintended consequences
  • US stimulus antics
  • Crypto decoupling from traditional markets
  • Bitcoin’s price pop upwards.

Fed’s Daft Policies & IMF to Forge Financial Future?

Decoupling from the Stock Market & Gold

Extremely Bullish News & Predictions for Bitcoin & Ethereum

Ethereum 2.0 Status

Episode 17
2020, Oct 25th - 31st

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The insane amount of uncertainty in the markets
  • How the global financial economy is failing and changing
  • Bitcoin’s bullish breakout past $14k
  • How crypto adoption is gaining massive amounts of momentum.

Crazy Amounts of Uncertainty in the Markets

Future Economy is Failing & Changing

Don’t Time the Markets, Bitcoin is Too Bullish

Crypto Adoption is Gaining Momentum

Episode 18
2020, Nov 1st - 7th

This week we will discuss:

  • New crypto investors in the US government, zombies corporations versus innovative companies,
  • How Asia is leaving everyone in the dust in the technology realm.
  • The latest Ethereum 2.0 updates.

US Government News Bullish for Crypto

Government Funding Zombie Corporations VS Value-Producing Companies

Asia Leaves the Rest of the World in the Dust & Bearish Privacy Coin News

Ethereum 2.0 Release Updates

Episode 19
2020, Nov 8th - 14th

This week we will discuss:

  • bitcoin’s price movement
  • moves traditional investors are making
  • how bitcoin continues to become more pervasive in traditional financial institutions.

Election Clarity Next Week? Biden better for Wall Street?

Bitcoin Close to All-Time Highs

Bitcoin is Becoming Pervasive in Traditional Banking

Big Institutions have Big Positions in ETH

Episode 20
2020, Nov 15th - 21st

This week we will discuss:

  • Some more endlessly bullish bitcoin news
  • How Ethereum 2.0 is almost here and its potentially affects on the price
  • How massive government incompetence continues to wreak havoc on our society.

Crypto Bull Market is HERE

Ethereum 2.0 Around the Corner

Hyperinflation Imminent as Government Incompetence Continues

Episode 22
2020, Nov 22nd - 28th

This week we will discuss:

  • The pullback
  • The current state of traditional markets
  • Potential government regulations
  • As well as some key concepts to keep in mind during this protracted bull run over the next year or so.

Prepare for a Protracted Bull Market

Prepare for Global Financial Collapse

Episode 22
2020, Nov 29th - Dec 5th

This week we will discuss:

  • How out of control the global monetary systems have become
  • Government stimulus efforts
  • New government regulation in the crypto space
  • How bitcoin is gaining momentum.

The Traditional Markets Have Zero Fundamentals

Government Stimulus Efforts Causing Inflation

Bitcoin Gaining Momentum & Changing the World

Episode 23
2020, Dec 6th - 12th

This week we will discuss:

  • More unsurprising, draconian antics by the US government,
  • How this impending bitcoin rally will be much different than previous ones
  • We will take a look at a small-cap altcoin project with lots of exciting news unfolding this coming week.

Government & Stock Market Antics

Next Bitcoin Rally Will Be Different